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    What is it?

    Based on the understanding that many of our thoughts, habits, reactions and behaviour patterns (including unhelpful ones) are ‘programmed’ into our brains and now run there, just as software programmes run on a computer, the use of NLP techniques has shown that many of these negative occurrences can be replaced by more helpful thoughts, reactions and behaviours.

    With Neuro Linguistic Programming you will develop a strong positive mental attitude and increase motivation.

    In summary, NLP is a set of tools for personal change, development and progress.


    • Referring to the brain and other neurological systems in our bodies.
    • Why do we think the way we do and why do similar or even apparently unrelated life experiences generate certain feelings in us.


    • How we process information and language.
    • This involves not only our five senses (sight, sound, taste, feel and smell) but also covers the power of ‘gut instincts’ or intuition.


    • The tools and techniques we can use to bring about the desired changes.
    Is it right for me?

    Are there certain situations, people or places that make you feel nervous, angry or upset, or simply not the person you believe you are?

    Do you want to change how you respond to someone and build a better relationship?

    Do you find yourself often ‘getting short’ with someone (a child, colleague, partner) yet for other people you have all the time in the world?

    Is there someone in your life who upsets you, takes away your power and makes you feel a lesser person than you are?

    Is there someone you seem to upset all the time no matter what you say or do?

    If any of these questions resonate with you then NLP maybe the therapy for you that helps you achieve balance within yourself.

    What should I expect?

    Within an NLP framework, we would work together to understand how you process information and feelings.  Then, through a carefully constructed, bespoke programme, we would introduce new tools and techniques that you can use to bring about the changes you desire, regarding how you think, feel and communicate.

    What will I learn?

    How to:

    • Develop a strong positive mental attitude and increase motivation.
    • Improve your personal performance, whether in business, academics, sports or lifestyle accomplishments.
    • Eliminate fears through anxiety management.
    • Use confidence techniques to help you create and sustain the confidence you desire.
    • Overcome self-defeating behaviours.
    • Develop satisfying relationships.
    • Use powerful and effective visualisation techniques and relaxation techniques.

    To find out more get in touch at

    Lydia x

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