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    Mindfulness is a bit of a new buzzword.  So much so, that even the NHS are getting in on the act and looking and Mindfulness CBT* as a possible NHS therapy.

    So what is it?  Well, the way I describe it, is that it is about being present.  It’s about realising what you have in the moment and when all the little things go your way.  Ultimately, to me, it’s about gratitude.

    On the internet, and in textbook books, mindfulness is described as a state of awareness, and has its’ roots in Eastern religion and Buddhism.  That said, this isn’t about meditation.  It can be, and for some it will be, but for me this year is about getting on with normal life, not trying to cram in new rituals that I may not be able to sustain long term, and take more demands on my time.

    My reason for looking at mindfulness and writing this particular blog post is that mindfulness is my first topic in 2013 My Year of FUN – MY Velvet Evolution.  This means that this month, I will mostly be, being mindful.  I will be trying to keep in the moment, aware that when my hands are full, someone opens the door for me.  Mindful that when I’m 10 minutes late leaving the house and then pass an incident on the road that those 10 minutes may have spared me being involved.  Mindful that I have a roof over my head, and a car to get around in.  Mindful that on this day, everyone in my life is happy and healthy, and so am I.

    I’ll also be mindful of my level of FUN.  Does being mindful make me feel happier? – I expect it will, so does that mean I’ll have more FUN specifically?  If it doesn’t  what will I do, and can I do, to address this.  Because after all, this isn’t just about spending a year studying Fun, it’s about spending a year getting involved and having more FUN!

    I shall be back in due course to let you know how I am getting  / did get on!

    Let the Fun be with you!?!  (yeah, let’s pretend that didn’t just happen :0)

    Lydia x

    *CBT is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is currently by the NHS as a stand-alone treatment for depression, anxiety, OCD etc.  It is the addition of Mindfulness to this treatment that is the new spin and buzzword.

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