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    Love, Luv, Lov, Lurve…

    What is LOVE? It’s a much talked about, craved, feared and even confusing word and emotion for many.  Is love a word, an emotion, a status (to be ‘in love’), a phenomenon or something else?

    I’m not sure I can answer my own question here, as perhaps love means and feels different to each person and in each relationship.  We can love a person, we love an idea, we can feel loved, and we can be ‘in love’.  Love can be ‘true’, it can be ‘unconditional’, and apparently, it can hurt…(although if love should be ‘true and unconditional’ then how can it hurt…a debate for another time perhaps).

    What I can tell you is that I’m in love with the idea of love.  I think, feel and behave with love everyday (maybe not all day every day, but most days).  I feel it inside me and I try my best to share with those around me; people I know and people I don’t yet know.  In that way, perhaps I’m lucky.  I have been born, and nurtured within myself an abundance of love, which if it stays inside, keeps me awake at night so I have to go out and share it around – sorry to those who get in my path!*

    In terms of MY Velvet Evolution to find, create and embrace more FUN, I’m going to spend February, the month of LURVE, seeing if my love-minded ways can help me have more FUN.

    I experience the emotion, feeling and sensation of love as being positive.  My thinking is therefore, if I’m positive because of love, will that have a proportional or influential effect on my ability to find, create and embrace FUN?  Is love in and of itself, different enough to FUN to be able to be isolated?  Can one experience one without the other, or perhaps more pertinently, can one have FUN without love!?

    To these love themed questions, and many more, I hope to find answer that will satisfy my curiosity and help me generate a month of FUN.

    I will be back at the end of the moth to let you know how I fared.  In the meantime, any questions or ideas are always welcome so please just get in touch by adding your comments below!

    Stay HAPPY everyone & have FUN!

    Lydia  x

    *n.b.  Please note that this abundance and desire to share love does not make me a push over or naive, in fact far from it.  I have my boundaries and I will use my love to protect as well as enhance.




    The list of definitions is extensive so here is just one example of each:-

    –          Noun

    • A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

    –          Verb (used with object)

    • All her pupils love her.

    –          Verb (used without object)

    • To be in love.

    –          Verb phrase

    • Love(d) up.

    –          Idioms

    • For the love of…
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