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    What is it?

    Some people use the words counselling and psychotherapy interchangeably. From my perspective:

    • Counselling is usually best suited to those seeking solutions to current problems.
    • Psychotherapy is generally more helpful for individuals seeking personal development or who experience deep-seated or life-long struggles.

    Is it right for me?

    At Velvet Evolution, I practice Person Centred Counselling (PCC). PCC is a non-directive, client centred approach to counselling and psychotherapy.

    The two primary goals of PPC are:

    • Increased self esteem.
    • Greater willingness to take on new challenges.

    PCC is a talking therapy in which we explore your past, understand how this has impacted negatively on you to date and, through a process of acceptance, reduce its ability to impact on your present life leaving you free to start achieving your future goals today.

    What should I expect?

    PCC is a self-directing and self-determining form of counselling, held in an environment free from judgement, where you feel safe, heard and understood.

    What will I learn?

    Some of the related changes Counselling & Psychotherapy seek to foster include:

    • Closer alignment between your idealised and actual selves.
    • Better self-understanding.
    • Reduced levels of defensiveness.

    To find out more and find out if Counselling is right for you, contact me at or follow me @velvetevolution on twitter.

    Lydia x

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