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    The concept of hobbies is an interesting one to me.  My understanding of hobbies are that they are something that you do outside of work that add an additional interest and perspective to your life, whilst not being the thing that you earn money at.  What interest me most of all is that I think there is a great push towards changing this these days.  I believe that many of us are trying to turn what previously might have been called hobbies into our careers and so we are seeing these great many new job title, and professions cropping up, (and I very much include myself in this wave of change).

    To me, hobbies are the realisation of the things that you really and truly are interested in.  They must be, because if they weren’t, why would you be choosing to do them, either by giving your time for free or or by paying to partake in the activity?

    This month, in MY Velvet Evolution year of FUN, I’m going to dedicate the month to looking at the role FUN plays in having and enjoying hobbies.  For example:

    – Is going to the gym, cooking or socialising really a hobby?  

    – Should a hobby be something that is more than this, should it be about a very particular interest that introduces you to new and different people outside of your normal circle of friends and colleagues?  

    – If something is a hobby, does it always bring you joy and excitement, challenge and learning?  

    – Is indulging in a hobby generally a source of guilt (There’s a million other things I should be doing right now) or escapism (I’ve had enough, I’m off out to ‘do’ my hobby!) or happiness (Yes, I’ve earned this break and this time is important and precious to me).

    – And finally, if you approach any new activity and opportunity to learn with FUN in mind can it become a hobby more easily even if it an ‘everyday task’? 

    On a personal level, hobbies have previously been an interesting challenge for me as they have competed and failed against my barriers and injunctions on many occasions, so will bringing FUN into my mindset and approach help me break through and bring a new hobby in my life for positive and frivolous reasons?!

    I’ll be back at the end of the month to let you know what I have found in answer to these questions.  In the meantime, let me know what and how you experience hobbies and what role FUN plays for you when your involved in a hobby.

    Lydia x

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