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    Unlocking the Secret to Happiness with Fun

    Unlocking the Secret to Happiness with Fun

    Unlocking The Secret to Happiness!

    So how long am I going to make you read before I share with you what I believe to be the secret to happiness?

    Look no further, because the answer is FUN!

    I believe, and it has been my experience, that if you are looking for happiness you need to be able to embrace, create and find fun.  And even better, it doesn’t have to cost you a penny, a cent or a dime!

    Throughout 2013 I have dedicated my year to My Velvet Evolution – my year of Finding Fun for Free!  Each month has focussed on a different aspect of my life.


    February LOVE










    December – HAPPINESS

    Each month I have looked at what role the relevant topic plays in my life – do I hate it, love it, do it, need more of it, refuse it etc.  Effectively I have been looking at my relationships with each of these different aspects of my life.  So not only do I have a better understanding of where the positive and negative relationships manifest themselves in everyday life, but I have also used FUN as my antidote and fuel.  

    Looking back over the year, and my previous blog posts, it is clear to see that not everything has been improved by fun.  For example; Mindfulness made me feel happier, but this wasn’t necessarily improved with a fun mindset, and Love was actually more of a precursor to fun than the other way round.   Overall, most topics have been positively encouraged with the addition of fun.  

    So when I talk about fun, what do I mean?  Well this has also been another interesting learning for me.  Fun is definitely an action, but more than that it is a mindset.  A fun mindset is about connecting to your inner child.  It is about there being a lightness in your approach, a forgiveness to results, and an acceptance of your achievements.  It is about showing yourself and others kindness in your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and that carries across doing you tax return to planning a children’s party, to talking a walk in the countryside on a Sunday afternoon.

    On top of all these useful and life changing experiences, and moments of personal growth, I have also, in preparing for this year, had the opportunity to review and consolidate my thoughts around my Wants from this year and experience, to set my own Commandments, to figure out what I believe to be the 30 Truths of Life, and finally, to identify and ‘call out’ my own personal Barriers to Success (the injunctions that run through my head and try to stop me being the best version of me).

    Ultimately, I have learned and shared with you my experiences of how to find and have more fun – in everyday life, and for free.

    Life is not easy, it is a challenge, and as such we must each find our own ways of finding our own truths and happiness, and it is my belief that a fun mindset and approach to many of life’s obstacles and challenges can be greatly improved and feel lighter.

    Finally, it would be remiss if I do not mention that I have not done this on my own, for I am fortunate enough to have some very inspiring people in my life who, inadvertently have demonstrated many of the skills and kindnesses I have needed to, and been ready to learn along this year long journey.  So whilst they may not know it, or have been actively or consciously helping me, I thank each and every one of them for having been active role models for me, for having open hearts to me, and for being my teacher when I knew not what I had to learn.

    Thank you for the love, kindness, happiness and FUN!

    And wish you all much love, kindness, happiness and FUN!

    Lydia x

    If you would like to find out more about MY Velvet Evolution, or how coaching, counselling and NLP might be able to help you, please get in touch at 

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