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    Wherever we lay our hat is our house for a night, it is our shelter, however it is my experience over the last month of looking at the concept of house and home and how FUN fits into this that I have realised that FUN really does play a significant role in turning a house into a home.  In fact, FUN can turn a cardboard box, or a sheet resting over two chair backs into a home.

    Talking about FUN here, it is clear that play is also a large part of FUN, and so is love.  Love brings with it a sense of belonging which in turn brings a sense of security, and so provides a foundation for one insecurities to dissipate and allow fun and play to take place, creating laughter which can fill any space with a home like feel.

    In the western world we are very focused on what constitutes home, with our material possessions and focus on location and space, (and believe me, I am as much influenced by this as the next person), however if we look to less fortunate parts of the world we can see real joy and happiness on the faces of children who live in conditions we think unbearable, and for me this goes to show that ‘home’ is more than just the house, it is the emotions that are shared and created within that space and around it.  It is the security that a specific location provides to us – it is ‘our patch’.

    Fill a house with negativity, tension and abuse and it no longer feels like a home but becomes a house and even a prison.  So regardless of where you are living and what you have or have not, I invite you to take a moment to step back and reflect on that space and ask yourself, do you live in a house or a home?  And if you would like to live in a home and do not, then you have the opportunity to change that, here and now today and it won’t cost you a penny.

    Let down your barriers, be creative, be silly and have fun, play, and before you know it, the sound of laughter (even if it is just your own) will fill the space and change your house into your home. 

    Welcome to the FUN HOUSE! Relax and enjoy!

    Lydia x

    P.S. If you prefer the audio experience then click here to watch my YouTube post about how having fun can turn a house into a home!

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