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    THE ANTI BUCKET LIST – Happy New Year, Happy New You!

    Happy New Year, Happy New You!

    Happy New Year, Happy New You!

    As a new year approaches, many people review the year they have had and will be thinking about what things they would like to achieve in the year ahead.

    A New Year means a New You.  

    A fresh start, and chance to reboot and do things differently.

    Whether it is a set of ambitions for the year, or for life (or before a milestone birthday), a list of things we would like to accomplish is known as a ‘bucket list’.

    A bucket list is a great concept for helping you realise ahead of time the things you would like to experience before it’s too late.

    However, a bucket list also adds pressure.  As you look back on years gone by, how many times have you felt that you accomplished all you had hoped too?  Or, how often do you look back and see the things that you still haven’t gotten around to doing?  If it is the latter, then you may well be left with a sense of guilt, frustration and disappointment with yourself that once again you have let yourself down by not doing all you had hoped.  And to my mind, this is the issue with bucket list’s.  They are meant to keep your focussed and motivated, but as real life gets in the way, they end up leaving you feeling worse about yourself for what you haven’t done rather than keeping you focussed on all the amazing things you have done instead of completing your bucket list.

    To this end, I would like to invite you to try out my antidote to a bucket list.  A sure fire way of making sure that you will end the year feeling great about all you have done and no longer rubbish about the things you had thought you might do.

    I would like to introduce you to the Anti-Bucket List.

    The Anti-Bucket List is a list of all the things you are going to let go of this year.  The things that you will no longer beat yourself up over not completing.  For example, on the Anti-Bucket List there may be:

    1. I will not lose that last 7lbs.

    2. I will not do a bungee jump / sky dive / climb Kilimanjaro.

    3. I will not go to the gym before work three days a week every week, (I will go when I can (be bothered)).

    4. I will not keep a perfect log of business receipts ahead of my tax return.

    5. I will not become super-woman and find more hours in the day to get everything done.

    The purpose of the Anti-Bucket List is to start showing yourself some kindness by realising the inordinate amount of pressure you place on yourself which is not fair, or realistic.

    So whether you have a bucket List as well, I believe the most important and kindest way you can start the New Year, New You is by creating your Anti-Bucket List and decide now the things that you will leave for another time, or perhaps forever.  The outcome, is that you will be a happier, truer and more confident you.

    Happy New Year, Happy New You.

    Wishing you a happy and confident year ahead.

    Lydia x

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