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TEDx Talk – ‘Turning Sexual Abuse into the Making of You.’

Lydia Ward TedX Leam Spa 2017 talking photo 1 square imageI am immensely proud to be able to share with you my TEDx Talk recorded in November 2016.

The subject matter is clear from the talk title ‘Turning sexual abuse into the making of you.’

It is my aim in sharing this talk with the world to bring hope to fellow surviviors, make this subject matter less socially awkward, and raise awareness for the incredible charity – Believe In You #SurvivingSexualAbuse

Please feel free to share this video far and wide to help open up the conversation and if you or someone you know needs help and support please reach out to either over the phone, email, text or face to face.

If you are part of a larger organisation looking for a charity to suppor tin 2017-18 then please choose Safeline and help us continue our great work in providing support to all survivors (and their families) of sexual abuse and rape.

Happy viewing!

Lydia – The Confidence Coach

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