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TALK LIKE TED by Carmine Gallo

talk-like-tedTED talks are a phenomenum of their own.  Their popularity and notoriety is widespread and the best TEd talks can garner millions of online views. So what does it take to create such a talk?

Well lucky for us all, Carmine Gallo has written TALK LIKE TED – The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds.

This book is in and of itself an ‘idea worth spreading’.

Gallo breaks down the success of a presentation into easily digestible segments meaning you can look at any presentation you are planning to give and check against the list to ensure that you are going to give a presentation that will stay with your audience for all the right reasons.

The 3 headings covered by Gallo are:

1. Emotional

2. Novel

3. Memorable

The delight in this book is that Gallo follows her own presentation formula to the letter and takes one heading, breaks into down into 3 main sections and each of these into 3 sub segments (creating the 9 public speaking secrets).

So whether you are rehearsing for your very first TED or TEDx Talk, or if you just want to refine and define your presentation writing and delivery this book will set you straight.

Click this link to order your copy of TALK LIKE TED

Happy reading!

Wishing you a happy and confident day.

Lydia – The Confidence Coach


“A powerful guide to public speaking, based on the scientific analysis of hundreds of TED presentations and interviews with TED speakers.”¬†

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