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    Spring into a NEW You!

    Spring into a NEW You!

    Spring is here!

    Today is the first day of Spring 2014!

    Spring is synonymous with new beginnings and fresh starts.   We see the new shoots of nature coming to life all around us.  And we know how to take the spring clean approach to our homes, but how do we spring clean ourselves?

    We can start a new diet, or new training regimen to get physically fit.

    What can we do to get mentally fit?  Focus on your choices and decisions.

    Our mental health, who we are, how we perceive the world and our place in it, can often be defined by looking back at the choices we see and the decisions we make.

    Life is a day by day experiment of choices and decisions.


    We always, always have choices.  No matter what your life, or situation, there is no time when ‘I had no choice’ is true.  It may not be a choice you like, or want, but a choice will always present itself.

    Phase 1 of your personal spring clean to a new, fresh you, is to start practising how to recognise the choices that are in front of you.   It’s about learning how to step back from a situation to give yourself time to do this.  At first, it may be a matter of reflecting back and seeing the choices that were there retrospectively.  Doing this will enable you to see future choices in the present moment.



    We make a multitude of decisions everyday.  Many of these decisions are made without us even consciously thinking about them.  We make decisions that will affect our lives and the lives of those around us.

    Many times people feel that decisions are either good or bad.  If we look at decisions this way, is it any wonder that we also consider ourselves in the same way.  We are either good or bad, depending on the decisions we make.

    Phase 2 of your personal spring clean to a new, fresh you, is to look back on the decisions you make, and also how you make them.  Is there a pattern to your decisions?  Do you feel you make ‘better’ decisions when you have more time, or when you can talk them through with other people, or when you are under a time pressure?  The point of this is become more consciously aware of what conditions best suit you in order to optimise the decisions you make, and thus influence the way you feel about you.  If you improve your decision making ability, you will improve how you feel about yourself.


    The Choices and Decisions we make shape our lives, and shape who we are, and most importantly of all, how we feel about ourself.

    Take control of your choices and decisions, bring your conscious in to mix and you will find you are empowered to be the best version of you, you can be.

    Spring into a new you and a new way of living.


    If you need more help and one to one support and advice, get in touch via

    Wishing you a happy and confident day and start to spring 2014!

    Lydia x 


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