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    Easter and the beginning of spring is synonymous with ideas of spring cleaning, so this year, either whilst or instead of tackling the attic, the closet and the back of the kitchen cupboards, why not spring clean your self-esteem and make building and boosting your self confidence your number 1 goal for Spring.

    Summer will (theoretically) soon be upon us, and when we think of summer we think of happiness and laughter, and confident people making plans and having fun!  By following the steps below, this year you can be one of those people, rather than being on the outside and looking in.

    To Spring Clean your self esteem:

    1. FACE IT- Take an honest look at the problem

    Just like when you’re spring cleaning your house, the first thing you must do is look at the room / task face on.  Be realistic about what you hope to achieve and what success will look like to you.  It shouldn’t be a total personality transplant that has you acting and behaving like someone else.  There’s no longevity or sustainability in that. Think about who you really are, and something, even just one thing, you’d like to improve.  It might be to organise a social outing, invite others over for a BBQ, go on a first date or even broach a difficult conversation.

    2. PLAN IT – Work out what tools and support you’ll need.

    You wouldn’t start clearing out the attic without working out what cleaning products, ladders, additional strong arms you may need, so don’t approach building your self-esteem without thinking through what you will need in order to be successful.  It might be someone to talk to, it might be writing down the points you want to make during a phone call or difficult conversation, or it could be other people to help you plan a party.

    3. PREPARE – The parent of confidence

    Once you have your plan which has helped you identify what you’ll need to do in order to feel better about yourself and build your self-esteem, you need to prepare.  You need the right support around you, you need to think about how you’d like to feel on completion of this task, and you need to have strategies for how you’re going to overcome any hurdles.  Think of preparation as the trash bags and boxes, and maybe even the hired skip required to help you clear out the attic – you can’t started without having thought about those things and having them ready.

    4. ACTION – You are in control

    Now comes the time to act.  To put your hard work in practice and reap the positive feelings of achieving something that makes you feel better about who you are and what you’re capable of.  This is about find your voice, and asking for what you want and following that up with taking the action necessary to ensure you feel successful.

    Remember, you are looking to feel successful at the end of this, so the more you plan and prepare the more likely you are too succeed, and feel better about your yourself, and your ability to achieve things you set your mind to.  You want to build your self-esteem and boost your confidence, not undermine yourself and self-sabotage.

    HAPPY EASTER Everyone and good luck with your Spring Cleaning – I wish you all an improved level of self-esteem and a happy and confident attitude and approach into the Summer months!

    Lydia x

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