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    RISING STRONG by Brene Brown


    Nov 2015 Coaching Book Recommendation

    Nov 2015 Coaching Book Recommendation

    RISING STRONG is the fifth book by author, shame researcher and TED talk phenomenon, Brene Brown.

    In all her books, Brown uses the data from her research into shame and vulnerability to teach us about where our strength lies, how to tap into and how to notice when we are avoiding being the best version of ourselves.   She masterfully litters the pages with examples from her life and those of others to bring the theory to life and give it context.

    The Gifts of Imperfections is about self-acceptance and love.  Daring Greatly is about embracing your vulnerabilities as your greatest source of power and combating shame and guilt with the 3C’s of Courage, Compassion and Connection.

    RISING STRONG sits complimentary to the previous books in that it looks at when we fall.  When despite all our knowledge and our best efforts life, circumstances, people get the better of us and we react with old habits that do not help us achieve a desired outcome.  More than just falling though, Rising Strong looks at how we pick ourselves back up from these times.  How we reset, start again, learn from our mistakes and get back on track with showing courage, compassion and connection as we embrace our vulnerability.

    “Rising Strong. If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall.  This book is about getting back up.”

    This book is for anyone who is on their journey of self-discovery and finding that there are hurdles, knock backs and lows in motivation.  Rising Strong is also for anyone who is worried that if they start a journey of self-discovery that they may not get it right all of the time.  This book is about how to accept being good enough and how to manifest a growth mindset where you find the learning in every situation.

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    Happy reading!


    Back of the book blurb:

    “When you are brave in life, sometimes you fall.  Even though you want to get back up, the stories you tell yourself about your personal and professional struggles keep you stuck in a cycle of fear, self-doubt and regret.  Rising Strong will help you challenge those stories so you can rewrite your future.”


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