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    As my final preparation ahead of the New Year 2013 I wanted to make visible to myself (and so to you) my barriers.  So far I have focused on what I would like out of next year and how I would like to move forwards and been, I feel, quite positive.  However, I feel it would be remiss of me not to just acknowledge that I have my areas of struggle too.


    I am a big thinker!  I overdo it and it’s been very much to my detriment in the past, so I have to actively manage my brain these days.  Below I have created my list of things I have to look at for so that they don’t creep up and sabotage my FUN mission.  These are injunctions that I created growing up and have at times dictated my life and limited me in terms of how I think, feel and behave.

    –          Staying indoors

    –          Being too tired

    –          Being lazy

    –          Trying to do it all in one day

    –          Trying not to fail

    –          Trying not to be fallible

    –          ‘It’s too hard’

    –          ‘Bored now’

    –          Shutting yourself away

    –          Putting everyone else first

    –          Living vicariously

    –          Using the TV to numb your thoughts

    –          Using Twitter / Facebook as a distraction

    –          Fixed mindset (black or white – if you don’t think it’ll work don’t even try it)

    –          Every decision is final and cannot be reversed

    –          Living in your head

    –          Getting absorbed in a fantasy land of ‘what if’s’, ‘if only’s’ and ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’. (aka: The Bubble)

    By writing these down and by sharing them, it is my hope that not only may some of them resonate with you, but that I already reduce their power over me.  If I can see them as visible written words, I am more conscious of hearing them in my head and calling them out.

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