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    This is it, the big moment, as I unveil my MONTH BY MONTH PLAN I am publicly committing myself to how I’m going to spend my time and focus for a whole year ahead of me (that’s 12 whole months)!  That sounds like an awful amount of commitment, eeek!

    To summarise, over the last few posts, I have detailed out and shared MY Velvet Evolution preparations under the headings:

    –          MY Velvet Evolution PREAMBLE:  ALL ABOUT ME

    –          MY Velvet Evolution PART 1: IN SEARCH OF FUN!

    –          MY Velvet Evolution PART 2: MY Velvet Evolution WANTS

    –          MY Velvet Evolution PART 3: MY Velvet Evolution 16 COMMANDMENTS

    –          MY Velvet Evolution PART 4: MY Velvet Evolution 30 TRUTHS OF LIFE

    Now that I have clarity over what I’m doing, why I’m doing it (?!), and when, I guess I need to come up with the how.  How will I explore fun, find fun, create fun and embrace fun?  And most importantly of all, what areas of my life to I want to use as the test beds for this year long exploration into FUN.

    I’ve considered lots of different aspects of life and to be honest, it’s been difficult to keep it focused down, however I have done it and here it is, MY Velvet Evolution MONTH BY MONTH PLAN.

    MonthCategoriesCategory Meaning
    JanuaryMINDFULNESSGratitude, Friendships, Family, Health, Wealth.
    FebruaryLOVESignificant others, Free & for all, Give, give, give, Relationships.
    MarchWORKNetworking, Progress review, Next steps, Motivation, Planning, Goals.
    AprilHOMEHome not a house, Ownership, Contentment, Love & laughter, Family, Sharing, Belonging.
    MayHOBBIES / LEISUREExplore, Be social, Be active, Get involved, Be in the moment, Try something new.
    JuneFINANCESFace them, Be responsible, Stop putting them off, Take control, Use them to have fun.
    JulyCOMMITMENTRisk it for a biscuit, Settling down, What’s black & white, and where’s the rainbow? What’s the worst that could happen?
    AugustATTITUDELighten up, Be positive, There are no limits.
    SeptemberFAMILYEmbrace them & celebrate them, Accept them and lean on them, Sharing, Belonging.
    OctoberEXERCISE & ENERGYHave fun, Get involved, Be active, Socialise, Get out and about. What’s energy giving and what’s energy taking?
    NovemberAMBITIONSWork out the small steps, Push yourself, Be inventive, Create opportunities, Travel, Adventure.
    DecemberHAPPINESSConsolidate and review.  Did I have more FUN? Did I enjoy myself? What did I learn?


    Let the FUN CHALLENGE BEGIN! MY next journey of self-discovery starts here!

    The sixth and final Part of MY Velvet Evolution preparation is READY, FIRE, AIM, where I’ll be sharing with me, and you, my barriers.  The thoughts I put in place to stop myself achieving.  It’s time to name and shame them!

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