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    Last time I shared with you all MY Velvet Evolution WANTS and concluded that there’s a chance I may be about to ask the impossible of myself, alternatively, I may be about to discover where my place of peace is with the compromises I’m prepared to make on each WANT.

    This week, in order to help myself feel more focussed I have been working on what I have a defined as MY Velvet Evolution COMMANDMENTS, (a concept, which is again, courtesy of Gretchen Rubin).

    MY Velvet Evolution COMMANDMENTS are designed to keep me true to myself and my reasons for doing these and to remind me that this isn’t about the black and white but in actuality, it’s about the shades in between.  Some say the grey, I prefer to look at it as the rainbow.

    So here they are, (in no particular order) MY 16 Velvet Evolution COMMANDMENTS

    1. Be Lydia
    2. Trust your instincts / intuition
    3. Let others be – accept yourself and others
    4. Give it a try
    5. It’s okay to say ‘No thank you’
    6. Make the effort
    7. Be kind to yourself and others
    8. Be open
    9. Be polite
    10. There is only love
    11. Identify the problem
    12. Act the way I want to feel (aka – fake it till you make it!)
    13. Smile
    14. Be present – connect with where you are and what you are doing
    15. Ask not tell – you don’t have all the answers and that’s okay
    16. Feel it first, then think about it

    I like to think of myself as a positive, outgoing and passionate person.  That said, I can also really lose myself when life gets busy and I revert back to a negative type (for me) and switch off my feelings and become solely a thinker.  My need to control then rises and those switched off feelings bubble up at the most unexpected moments.  Not good I can assure you.  When this happens, it doesn’t make me feel good about myself, and as I judge myself, I become convinced that others are making the same judgements about me.  It’s a vicious spiral downwards.

    So with these 16 COMMANDMENTS I hope to keep myself in check.  I have them printed out and next to my bathroom mirror so I can remind myself of them every morning as I paint my face on and every night as I scrap, peel and wash it off again.

    Next time, in Part 4, I’ll be sharing MY Velvet Evolution 30 TRUTHS OF LIFE.  Wisdom’s I have collected along the way and have turned into aphorisms.

    If you would like to hear me talk through this blog, then check out my YouTube clip below.

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