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    So last time I was waxing lyrical as I explained:

    –           what MY Velvet Evolution was all about – in search of FUN!

    –           where the idea came from (again, kudos to Gretchen Rubin’s  – The Happiness Project)

    –           when I’ll start (1st Jan 2013)

    –           who it will involve – ME

    –           why – okay, so perhaps I didn’t cover this one, as to be honest, I’m still trying to work it out myself, but surely, it’s possible to find the fun in everything, isn’t it?!

    So this week I’m sharing MY Velvet Evolution WANTS.

    What do I want out of this, and what compromises am I prepared to make in order to get these wants actualised.

    • I want to change myself whilst accepting myself.
    • I want to challenge myself and yet be kind to myself.
    • I want to push myself and also relax and let myself evolve organically.
    • I want to be ambitious and achieve, have a focus and goals, whilst letting life happen to me so that I remain open to change and possibility.
    • I want to share my journey but do it for myself.
    • I want to use my time well, and yet wander, play, read and write at a whim.
    • I want to think about myself so that I can forget myself.
    • I want to have a clear plan for the future whilst living in the present.
    • I want to be decisive whilst being open to opportunity.
    • I want to be responsible for myself whilst sharing my journey with another.
    • I want to travel and explore whilst craving the order to be able to work out where I want to settle.

    And finally;

    • I want more fun in my life, whilst taking my adult responsibilities more seriously and tackling them earnestly.

    So that seems simple enough, right!? Ha!

    Clearly I’m not asking much of myself here.  Reading that back it makes me think I’m talking about two different people!

    Well I always knew it was going to be a challenge, that’s why I want to do this, so I guess I shall be both the teacher and pupil in this.

    Next time, in PART 3 of MY Velvet Evolution, I’ll be sharing with you MY Velvet Evolution COMMANDMENTS.

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