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    They say that people teach what they need to learn.

    It is also said, that when the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear.

    With both these in mind, I’m not sure if I am the teacher or the pupil.  My ‘id’ tells me I’m the pupil (how could I ever know enough to teach others – who do I think I am!?).  My ‘superego’ tells me I’m the teacher (I’ve trained hard, I’ve studied hard, I’ve worked on myself relentlessly!).  So I guess that’s why I’m somewhere in the middle with the ‘ego’ telling me I’m a bit of both, a pupil who likes to pass on and share (teach) each learning as she is taught it.

    So what do I want out of MY Velvet Evolution?

    My Velvet Evolution is inspired by the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Following a similar format, I will spend twelve consecutive months looking at life, love, emotions and responsibility and how I handle each, and what I can do to have more of what I do want, and less of what I don’t want.

    In The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin focusses on her happiness.  What makes her happy and how can she, whilst in a very contented situation in life, find happiness within herself.  MY Velvet Evolution will also look at happiness, but more than happiness, I want to focus on FUNHow can I bring more fun into my life, every day, and in a variety of ways?  Can I turn the mundane and boring tasks of life and responsibility into fun?!

    For me; adventure, travel, exploring, comedy, children, family and friends all represent fun.  Of course it’s not the same for everyone.  It’s not even true for me on every occasion.  Is travel always fun and never stressful?  Is every family occasion fun and not a bit boring or niggly?  Of course not.  So whilst I want to look at what fun I bring to these occasion and situations, I also want to look at the things I don’t find fun, like ever.  I’m talking about finances, academia, exercise and more.  To me, these are the types of things that are a drag.  I never look forward to them, and I do them begrudgingly, with the reluctance and sulky attitude of a teenager who’s just been told that they have to take their 9 year old sibling with them to the cinema with their friends.  ‘Ough, do I have too!’

    So that’s my plan.  Starting on the first of January 2013, and continuing throughout the year.  12 months dedicated to FUN!

    As I type this, there are just a few weeks left of 2012, so each week I will post a new blog update letting you see how I’m building up to getting started on MY Velvet Evolution, and how I’m breaking down each part of it in order to be able to really understand what I’m doing, why and keep me on track in 2013.

    Next time, in PART 2 of MY Velvet Evolution, I’ll share with you MY Velvet Evolution WANTS.

    If you want to view the VLOG that accompanies this BLOG then here’s the link!

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