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    With all this talk of FUN, I’ve come to the glaring realisation that I haven’t actually articulated what FUN means to me.  When I say FUN, what am I referring to?!







    FUN is an emotion, and as such, will be felt differently and triggered by different things for each person.  What I find fun, maybe someone else’s greatest fear, or is felt to be boring and mundane.  What I have tried to demonstrate here, is not necessarily the activities that I find fun, but more the emotions, feeling and states of mind with which I tend to associate a sense of FUNIt is these emotions, feelings and states of mind that I hope to create, embrace and find in each of my 12 categories.





    Hobbies / Leisure





    Exercise & Energy




    We can all feel happy, and grateful, even excited and full of hope, but how often do we really have a sense of fun about our everyday lives?

    Do we really know what fun means to us, and what we find fun? 

    And perhaps the biggest question of all, does FUN really have to cost money?  Can FUN only be had when we’ve spent a fortunate at the bar, on the holiday, or on the once in a life time experience, or perhaps all three?

    Or, is it possible, to look at our everyday lives, the routine and the drudgery of it all, and find ways to be in the moment, and take those chores, worries and stresses and turn them into possible sources of fun?

    Overall, should fun be for special occasions only?  I hope not, and that’s what I plan to find out.

    2013, The Year of FUN!

    Wish me luck, keep in touch and wishing you all as much FUN as you hope for!

    Lydia x

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