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    RECOVERY OF YOUR INNER CHILD by Lucia Capacchione

    Recovery of Your Inner Child:

    The inner child is a connection and concept that I feel is missing for a lot of us and hugely beneficial for all.  Your inner child is the real, true and authentic you and so often as with grow up and become adults we lose that connection, silence it, and forbid it from coming out to play.  This is understandable when we look at how we talk about being a ‘grown-up’ and living a life full of ‘grown-up’ responsibilities.  However if we don’t have our inner child with us, we feel dissatisfied and incomplete.  We lose our sense of adventure, fun and play…we can even lose our creative and imaginative self.

    Therefore, this month I would like to recommend a brilliant book to you that explains all about the inner child and, includes lots of exercises and suggestions as to how and why you might get in touch with you inner child and reconnect back with your true self.  This book is great to work through if you are already in therapy, however even if you can’t afford a therapist (be the time money or emotionally), this book will certainly be of benefit to you and a tool for self development.

    Recovery of Your Inner Child: The highly acclaimed method of liberating your inner self by Lucia Capacchione.

    Back of the Book: “Expanding on the highly acclaimed technique introduced in The Power of Your Other Hand, here Dr. Capacchione shares scores of hands-on activities that will help you to embrace your Vulnerable Child and you Angry Child, find the Nurturing Parent within, and finally discover the Creative and Magical Child that can heal your life.

    I hope you enjoy the book, and should it raise any questions or issues for you, please feel free to get in touch and add your comments below or send me a private email to

    Lydia x

    Click here to buy your copy of Recovery of Your Inner Child


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