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    Know yourself and own yourself.

    The other day I read a tweet that simply read ~ “Hold onto the love, not the loss.”

    At first I thought it was sad, then I thought it was profound, and finally I realised, it just made damn good sense!

    Your identity is a very precious and personal thing and should be prioritised and protected by you.  Your identity should not be associated with other people or things.  For example, your identity should not be your job title, nor should it be your martial status, nor your current position or role in life (mum, wife, business owner).

    The reason I say this is because I have fallen foul of this on more than one occasion, and on each occasion, the outcome never ended well. In fact the outcome was; the identity ended and so too did my understanding of who I am and what my role in life is.

    It is important that you be yourself no matter what relationship you are in.  The same goes for work, because you could lose your job and then you’d be like “Who am I?”, “How do I describe myself now when I meet other people?”

    Identify with yourself and not your title or position.  The minute you attach your identity to another person or a position you lose who you are.

    It is very easy to do in all situations in life as all of life is based around the relationships we form and attach to.  In this way, it is the same both personally and professionally.  We form relationships and bonds with our partners, new and old, our colleagues and company philosophy.  We become a part of that micro or macro society and so start to fall in line with its expectations and norms.  And this is okay, so long as those expectations and norms match our own values and truths.  However if they do not, we should not be afraid to be a little bit (or a lot) maverick, and not try to change who we are in order to fit in with others, or worse of all, become who we think other people want us to be.

    Your identity is about you.  The real you, The authentic you.  It means that no matter who you are with, or what profession you work in, you can still recognise yourself.  You are being true to yourself, your values, and your truth.

    You are no longer your job title, family position or Mrs / Dr / Miss / Ms / CEO etc.  You are you.  100% unique and little bit fuzzy round the edges.

    So I invite you to think about Brand You, think about the labels you attach to yourself and then…be brave…and try spending a day, a morning or even 1 hour just being you, and when people ask who you are or what you do, answer simply and politely with your name and something else about what type of person you are that isn’t a job title, social role, or marital status.  No labels, no expectations.

    If you need any help working out what lies beneath the labels, then get in touch, I’m here to help!

    Good luck and wishing you a happy and confident day.

    Lydia x




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