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    WHAT DOESN’T KILL US by Professor Stephen Joseph

    Hi Everyone!

    So here we are, another month into the year, and here is my book recommendation for month number 6. This month I’m recommending a book that I have only just finished myself, and my recommendation reflects how much I have enjoyed it and learned from it. The book is WHAT DOESN’T KILL US – The new psychology of posttraumatic growth by Professor Stephen Joseph.

    First printed in 2011, this book is full of real life examples of those who have experienced trauma in their lives and how that experience has given them not only the opportunity, but the focus and drive to live every moment, work on themselves and live their dreams through dedication and achievement. It is a book of inspirational stories backed up with scientific evidence and fact.

    The back of the book blurb says; ‘For the last twenty years, Stephen Joseph has worked with survivors of trauma and sufferers of posttraumatic stress. In this ground breaking new book, he boldly challenges current notions about trauma and its aftermath. His studies have shown that a wide range of traumatic events – from illness, divorce, separation, assault and bereavement to accidents, natural disasters and terrorism – rather than necessarily ruining lives can act as catalysts for positive change, strengthening relationships, changing one’s perspective and revealing inner strengths. In What Doesn’t Kill Us he shows how we can all navigate change and adversity to find new meaning, purpose and direction in life.’

    Happy reading and learning peeps!

    Lydia x

    Click here to buy your copy of What Doesn’t Kill Us: A guide to overcoming adversity and moving forward


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