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    GAMES PEOPLE PLAY by Eric Berne

    The 1st July, a pivotal date, marking a half way point of the year.  We are less than 6 months away from Christmas and possibly looking forward to some kind of vacation in the summer.  So what to read this month?  Well, in keeping with my previous book recommendations I”m going to keep a fairly varied mix in my recommendations and this month I am recommending a slightly older book which maintains it relevance as much today as it did when it was first published in 1973.

    Games People Play by Eric Berne

    We all play games. In every encounter with other people we are doing so. The nature of these games depends both on the situation and on who we meet.

    Eric Berne”s classic Games People Play is the most accessible and insightful book ever written about the games we play: those patterns of behaviour that reveal hidden feelings and emotions. Wise and witty, it shows the underlying motivations behind our relationships and gives you the keys to unlock the psychology of others – and yourself.

    You”ll become more honest, more effective, and a true team player.

    Happy reading, and as always, keep in touch and let me know your thoughts on this book!

    Lydia x

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