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    Im possible - Think it, feel it, do itIMPOSSIBLE or I’M POSSIBLE?

    What  is POSSIBLE and is what we achieve all down to our ATTITUDE?

    As part of MY Velvet Evolution: Year of Fun I have spent the last month focussing on how my attitude impacts on my ability to have FUN, and I have learnt that, perhaps unsurprisingly, attitude is integral to my ability to have fun.  However I have also learnt that attitude can be a real tough one to just bulldoze your way through and just find, create and embrace fun…especially when you just don’t feel like it.

    So what  exactly is attitude and where does it come from? Well, our attitude is made up of the automatic thoughts we have, and the dialogue of self-talk that runs through our mind.  Attitude is primarily a product of what we think, which in turn, influences, and even determines, how we feel and behave.  So attitude can be the making or breaking of us.  It can help us achieve our goals and ambitions and be the best version of who we are.  Conversely, it can limit us, leaving us feel overwhelmed, like everything is impossible, and that life will never be as good or all we want it to be.

    Attitude is important.  The great news is that you are in control of your attitude, it is not in control of you.

    My over-riding lesson from this last month is Think It, Feel It, Do It!  But not necessarily in that order.  If I’m tired, then I might need to Think It, Do It and then I’ll be able to Feel It.  And if times are really tough and black clouds are descending and the ‘black dog’ is not far away, then its time to go full force and just Do It, Think It and then Feel It.

    It’s a mix and match solution, here to work for you, not against you, and aims to remind you that you are in control of your attitude.

    In the wise words of Eric Morecombe, “I’m playing all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order!” and that’s the beauty of this formula, so long as you start it, it will complete itself no matter what order your approach takes.

    If you’re wanting more fun and positivity in your life I invite you to investigate your attitude, what you view as possible and impossible and then Think It, Feel It and Do It to get you achieve your own level of greatest and accomplishment.

    If you’d like more help and advice with your own specific goals, ambitions and attitude feel free to get in touch and arrange your FREE consultation to find out more about how Velvet Evolution can help you.  Just call 07961 313029 or email

    Wishing you a happy and confident day!

    Lydia x 

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