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    I CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY by Paul McKenna

    I Can Make You Happy by Paul McKenna - August 2015 Book Recommnedation

    I Can Make You Happy by Paul McKenna – August 2015 Book Recommnedation

    I CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY by Paul McKenna is my August 2015 coaching book recommendation.

    This is the first Paul McKenna book I have ever read, and to be honest I have generally steered clear of anything TV or written that has been related to Paul McKenna up until now.  Mainly because I have created my own prejudice as I felt something so main stream wouldn’t work and be authentic.  However I stand corrected.  I CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY is a very easy read, it has a good mix of useful and simple tips and tricks as well as some more lengthy explanations about mood, emotions, happiness and perception.  The roles that  your body, brain, sleep and exercise / movement make on your general well-being.  McKenna has clearly worked with other established professional and experts in related fields to combine some of the latest / current (at the time) thinking and research findings that mean you are left with a wealth of options and information about how your mood is affecting you and how you in turn can affect your mood.

    In addition, I CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY comes with a guided hypnosis CD.  Again, I have previously been very sceptical of hypnosis, however now I am trained in mindfulness and mindfulness meditation I realise that hypnosis is very often a form of meditation and one that allows you a brief amount of rest-bite from your mind and it’s sometimes incessant chatter.

    The book is written to give you exercises to try out and practise as your work through it as well as prompting you to listen to the hypnosis at various points, so overall the book is written like a course which if you follow and progress through the stages will help you understand your self and your thought better and thus lead you to a happier way of thinking and outlook on life.  If however, you would prefer to dip in and out of the book and read it at your leisure that is also possible, although you may not receive quite the same level of success or outcome.

    Overall, this book really is a good ‘self-help’ guide to happiness.  It is like having your own private sessions with McKenna.  As with all such processes, treatments and therapies, you will only ever get out if you put into it, so rest assured if you read the book and listen to the CD but never actually apply what you read and hear, you are unlikely to change or get much happier, in the same way reading about nutrition but eating chips and chocolate wont help you lose weight and watching others exercise wont get you fit.

    This is a great book, with a plethora of information to MAKE YOU HAPPY, your success will depend on you, so give it a go, and let me know how you get on.

    Those committed to it will be happier.

    Click on this link to order your copy of  I Can Make You Happy

    ‘Happy’ reading (do you see what I did there!?)

    Wishing you a happy and confident day!

    Lydia x


    Do you want to be happier?

    Do you want to stop feeling bad right now?

    Do you want to experience greater joy than ever before?

    What if it was possible to feel happier than you had ever imagined?

    Then this book and hypnosis CD are for you?

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