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    HOW TO STAY SANE by Philippa Perry

    howtostaysane July 2016 Coaching Book RecoBrought to you by THE SCHOOL OF LIFE, HOW TO STAY SANE is written by the wonderfully unique and stylish Philippa Perry.

    Philippa Perry is a psychotherapist with a distinctive look, husband and quite a bit of media coverage.

    With HOW TO STAY SANE, Perry takes the reader through a slow, guided journey about building self-awareness through self-observation.  The book is littered with anecdotes and ‘client’ stories to bring the context to life and help you learn through examples.

    HOW TO STAY SANE explores many different aspects of life not just mental health, but also physical health, emotional health, psychological health, relationships and self dialogue.  In this way the reader is given a light holistic approach to staying sane.

    The area where HOW TO STAY SANE really takes the reader to somewhere different to many other ‘self-help’ books is that it addresses the issue of story.  As human beings we are programmed to tell and listen to stories.  In HOW TO STAY SANE, Perry promotes the need to build self-awareness and self-observation by understanding and identifying the stories we tell ourselves.  Stories about who we are and stories about who the other people in our lives are and what our motivations, needs and wants are.

    Having had the pleasure to meet Perry in person just a couple of weeks ago, I can assure you that in person she is the type of person her book talks about trying to become.  Wonderfully open, boundaried with a hint of vulnerability, empathetic and clearly getting in her own stride re fashion and fabulously unique hair.  So if nothing else convinces you about this book, rest assured that Perry is a woman who walks her talk.

    Click on this link to order you copy of HOW TO STAY SANE by Philippa Perry

    Happy reading!

    Lydia – The Confidence Coach


    “Everyone accepts the importance of physical health: isn’t it just as important to aim for the mental equivalent?”

    “Modern life places us under immense stress; it can be really hard to feel calm, content or open to new experiences.  Here psychotherapist Philippa Perry demonstrates that it is possible to become a little less tortured and a little more fulfilled.  She describes how our mind works, and then takes us through a number of exercises designed to strengthen our resilience, bolster our sense of perspective and increase our creativity…”


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