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    3 Elements To Finding Your Life Passion

    3 Elements To Finding Your Life Passion

    LIFE PASSION – Get yours here!

    There are only three elements you need to know about to help you figure out your life passion.

    I meet so many people who talk about not enjoying their current job, and wishing they knew what it was they really REALLY wanted to do.  Yet most people don’t know what their life passion is.  Many people’s life passions are equated to work.  What would they love to earn money doing, that didn’t make them feel begrudging of having to work, or feel like life is passing them by.

    Why is it some people seem to live and love life and others just exist?

    Well the exciting news is that by looking at, and answering the following three questions, you will have the three essential elements needed to help you figure out what your life passion is!

    So if you are sitting comfortably, lets begin in finding out about your life passion.

    *Be warned, that once identified, your life passion may be hard to ignore and deny.  The author takes no responsibility for the excitement and sleepless nights ahead as you begin to realise, accept and make your life passion your reality.



    1. HIGHEST VISION: Gives you purpose and meaning.

    Your highest vision is the first place to start.  What does nirvana look like to you?

    Remember, this is not about wishing you could lie on a beach and never have to work again (albeit that might be the outcome of a financially successful realised life passion).

    Your highest vision must be purposeful.

    2. DEEPEST LOVE: Love gives you vibrant emotions and lasting passion.

    What is it that you care for most in the world?  Your family and friends may come first, so look beyond that.  What is connected to your deepest love?  IS it writing so that others can learn, is it making others laugh, is it making sure no child goes without food, is it helping others -if so what age would they be, what would their life circumstances be?

    Remember the key to this question is ‘deepest’…this is not expected to be a quick and easy answer.  It may take time, there may be layers you need to peel back in order to get to that deepest level, so have patience with yourself.  Allow your mind to drift and wander over time and see what it brings to the fore.  Just asking the question will get you closer to the answer than you’ve ever been before.

    3. LONGEST REACH: A long reach gives you a challenge that will take you years to meet.

    Your longest reach is the opposite of quick wins.  Your life passion has to be something that you will remain passionate about.  It’s allowed to transform and develop over time, but it has to be a long term project.  And because of its need for longevity, this is why you must have love connected with why you are doing it.

    With these 3 elements answered you will have your life passion. Purpose, emotional connection, and longevity.

    Good luck with discovering your life passion, and if you need help with it, just get in touch or put your comments below.

    Wishing you a happy and confident day!

    Lydia x

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