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    12 Adventures for the Year Ahead

    12 Adventures for the Year Ahead

    At this time of year many people talk about resolutions and plans for the year ahead.

    However, we all know that many resolutions go unfulfilled because many resolution start in a place of pressure and self-punishment.  Looking at the definition of resolution we find words such as, intention, course of action, determining, decision, and firmness of purpose.  These are great words in their own right, but they also allow us to understand the pressure a resolution can place on us.

    So this year, instead of resolving to make changes, I invite you to plan up to 12 new adventures for the year ahead.

    The reason for planning adventures is that they should be full of fun and happiness and positivity.  For example, if you’ve ever dreamed of being on ‘Strictly’ then maybe dancing lessons are for you…are you an avid fan of Downton, then maybe it’s time to visit one of the many National Trust houses the UK has to offer…or, is hitting the slopes your fantasy, in which case maybe its time to get some dry slope lessons booked.  The point is, no matter what your dream adventures are, there are many ways to start living them today.

    So I invite you to plan your year ahead with a mindset of adventure and not a pressure filled set of resolutions.  We are looking for fun, positivity and adding value to our loves and memory banks!

    Should you need any help with figuring out your adventures, then get in touch.

    Wishing you a happy and confident year ahead!

    Lydia x

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