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    GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT by Harville Hendrix


    GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT by Harville Hendrix

    GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT by Harville Hendrix

    GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT, A Guide for Couples by Harville Hendrix Ph.D. is one of those books that when you read it, you think, how did I not know about this sooner and how did I ever survive before?!

    As the title indicates, this book is all about relationships and how we sabotage them, sabotage ourselves and each other, why we do this and most importantly of all, what we can do to make sure that the relationship we are in, or the next relationship will be ‘the one’, leading us to many years of happiness and success together and as individuals.

    It is without doubt that you will learn loads about yourself whilst reading this book.  You will have ‘ah-a!’ moments coming at you in every direction.  The book is a conduit to self-evaluation, learning and development.  What I perhaps love most about this book; whilst it is written for couples and focusses on what often goes wrong in our romantic relationships, it is always incredibly powerful and just as useful for helping you understand your own relationship with yourself.

    With a focus on how our childhood and formative relationships with primary caregivers influence who we are, and how we function in relationships today, GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT gently guides the reader through a mountain of theory and offer you exercises to help bring to life your new found knowledge.  It will help you identify the types of people you seek to have relationships with today, why you specifically are drawn to them, as well as why it hasn’t worked out for you yet and what you can start to do differently from this point forward.

    This book is written for people who want to know, and who want to change.  The exercises suggested are not for those who don’t want to ‘go there’.  Working with Hendrix via this book will put you, (and your partner) through your emotional paces, but the rewards of leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability and really and truly connecting with your self, your inner child and your partner are limitless and profound.

    Littered with client stories and personal examples, Hendrix calmly navigates the mire that is relationships, emotions and the pain of couples on the brink of divorce.

    So if you’ve ever wondered what went wrong, is too late, or why does it keep happening, then this Guide for Couples is for you and will result in you GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT!

    To order your copy click on this link: Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples

    Happy reading!

    Lydia x



    “ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN 1988, Getting the Love You Want has helped millions of couples attain more loving, supportive, and deeply satisfying relationships.  The Twentieth-anniversary edition contains extensive revisions to this ground-breaking book, with a new chapter, new exercises, and a foreward detailing Dr. Hendrix’s updated philosophy for eliminating all negativity from couples’ daily interactions, allowing readers of the 2008 edition to benefit from his ongoing discoveries during his last two decades of work.”


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