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    3 Steps to a Confident Christmas

    3 Steps to a Confident Christmas

    EXPRESS CHRISTMAS CONFIDENCE Is this about as real as Santa?

    This post is all about how to manage the last minute stress of Christmas confidently!

    Dear Santa,  This year I would like a stress free Christmas, where everything goes well, and I feel happy and confident throughout.  A Christmas where no one too drunk, upset, or over tired!

    If this sounds familiar then read on to find out how you can approach Christmas with confidence, as well as enjoy the day when it arrives.

    Here is my secret Santa guide to managing the stress of Christmas CONFIDENTLY!

    1. Preparation: This may sound obvious, as many of us feel as though all we do throughout December is prepare for Christmas either by being organised or preparing (bracing) ourselves for the annual clash of personalities and over tired, children and grown ups.

    This year I’m looking a preparation in a different way.  This isn’t about having the food and presents ready, that’s going to happen anyway.  In fact if you’re not the last minute type, it already may be in place.

    I’m talking about preparing you by managing your expectations.  This is about keeping your boundaries secure and not taking on others peoples issues or stress.  Let each people own their own feelings and emotions.  Think ahead to how you would like to feel at the end of Christmas Day or the Christmas Season, and keep yourself on track to keep that in mind and allow it to guide you in terms of how you deal with others and the Christmas festivities.

    2. Conversation: If small talk is your dread over Christmas, then be sure to have a couple of recent event sin mind to talk to others about (say TV or current affairs), and then keep your ready with the Rugby Goal Post of conversation.






    Start any conversation with one of this five words and you’ll be enjoying conversation in no time at all.  The beauty of these five little words is that allow you to show an interest in the other person.

    3. Sparkle: Wear something that will catch the eye of others.  Even if you’re not the most flamboyant person or dresser, just by adding a bright scarf, or a sparkly brooch, shiny shoes, a colourful or patterned shirt or tie (even a Christmas jumper if you’re so inclined!) will give people a reason to start conversation with you.  This is a great little tip if you are not the most outgoing person to get people to come to you, meaning you are spared having to make the first move.

    With these three simple steps, Preparation, Conversation and Sparkle you will achieve your Express Christmas Confidence helping you enjoy a Merry and Magical Christmas!

    I wish you all a Happy and Confident Christmas!

    Lydia x




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