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    Life should be fun and life should be full of love, so does focusing on love make living life more fun?

    Trying to find more FUN in everyday life is MY Velvet Evolution challenge for 2013, and February was the month I focussed on LOVE.

    What did I learn?

    LOVE makes life more FUN.

    When you approach life with LOVE in mind and in your heart it really is more FUN.  You feel more able to engage with what is happening around you and to you.  Problems don’t seem to matter as much, or bother you in the same way as when you’re lost in being busy.

    LOVE is the difference between living as a human doing and living as a human being.

    LOVE provides with you the opportunity to feel free, and a sense of freedom allows you to explore yourself, and your surroundings and so find, engage in and embrace FUN.

    My learning this month is that in order to have more fun in life, one must (not should), MUST be in touch with LOVE, and building a loving mindset in all that they do.  When LOVE is present there is no room for blame and negativity because with LOVE comes a solution focussed, growth mindset which is permission providing and positive, therefore allowing the fun in every situation to be seen and enjoyed.

    If you want more FUN in your life, I strongly recommend you start with LOVE.

    Lydia x

    P.S.  If you prefer the audio experience then click here to watch my YouTube post all about how you can find more fun in life for free by starting with love.

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