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    We all dream and remember in different ways. In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) we refer to these as modalities or submodalities. These are based on our five senses.  We each have innate preferences to what will trigger memories or how we create visions of the future. You maybe olfactory (smells bring back memories); kinesthetic (movement and touch); auditory (sounds – music makes you remember); gustatory (we remember by what we ate, or we perhaps comfort eat at times of emotional stress) or visual (you remember in pictures and scenes and can ‘see’ a picture of your future in your mind’s eye).

    If you remember your past and dream of your future in images then this blog posting is for you.

    If you are a visualiser and you have a clear vision of your goal and future sometimes your head can be full of the ideas and vision and it can get in the way of you being able to actually focus on the steps and actions that need to be taken in order for you to turn that vision into your reality. If this is the case then the tool I have found really useful both for myself and clients is the MOODBOARD.

    This tool is all about finding a productive channel for that pent up creativity and release it so that we capture our vision. This enables us to then two things.

    1. Find the head space to actual work out what actions need to be done first and by when, so start the doing part of making that dream a reality.

    2. Maintain that visual stimuli that we can return to time and again to remind ourselves of what we are working towards and why. Therefore providing us with a visual source of motivation.

    Now I appreciate that whilst we may be visual thinkers and dreamers that doesn’t necessarily translate to being artists (I know I certainly am not!) and this is why I love a moodboard!

    So what will you need?

    – A stack of magazines that cover any and all of your hobbies and interests
    – A large poster size sheet of paper or card (flipchart paper is great)
    – Glue stick
    – Scissors
    – An open mind

    Get creative!

    Step 1: Flick through the magazines and cut out every image that resonates with you, not matter why, just allow your subconscious to take over as you’ll sort through the images later.
    Step 2: Now you have a pile of cut out images it’s time to sort through them and think about each its relevance to who you are and why it might help you create your new future.
    Step 3: Let’s get sticking and create your mood board poster. Group your images if that helps or keep them as random, whatever works for you. This is your mood board so you can make it into anything you want.
    Step 4: Put this in a place where you’ll see it every day; for example, the back of a bedroom door or on a wardrobe / closet door.

    Now you have a visual stimulus to help you on track about what you want out of life and it also means that not everything has to be kept in your head overwhelming you.

    Happy creating! And enjoy the clarity of mind about who you are and where you want to be. Your future is now yours once again and most importantly of all, it’s manageable!

    For more information and tools and techniques to help you achieve your dreams and goals contact me at 

    Lydia x

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