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    Do we have enough fun?  Is it possible to have more fun by encouraging and nurturing a fun-focused mindset?

    Hi, my name is Lydia and welcome to MY Velvet Evolution!

    So this is my blog (and soon to be vlog) which will document my experiences of 2013 as I attempt to bring more fun into my life.  Each month will focus on a specific aspect of my life, from love to finances and travel to work.

    As a Confidence Coach and Life Counsellor I feel strangely challenged, nervous and vulnerable about sharing this part of myself with you.  After all, I’m the one you are supposed to come to for strategies and support as you navigate your own way through life and love.  So surely I should have all this stuff sorted right?!  A part of me thinks this particular blog is career suicide.  Well I guess time will tell.

    So why carry on and do this?  I mean, after all, no one is making me do this.

    In short, practise what you preach.  I believe we shouldn’t sell, talk or teach what we don’t believe in, use and experience.  I am a human being like you.  I am fallible.  I am new to this life thing, (as far as I’m aware this is my first attempt at it), so just like you, I’m learning as I go along.

    Vulnerability is a strange thing.  It’s interesting how we can see vulnerability in ourselves as weakness, and yet, in others, we so often see it as courage.  Think of a shy person standing up to talk in front of a room full of people, the person who loses their life partner and goes on to risk their heart and love again, or the person who suffers with addiction and turns around and admits their problem and asks for help – never weak, always brave and courageous.

    I appreciate that what I’m doing may not appear that risky to some, but to me, letting down my professional guard and being authentically me has always been a challenge.  However, in order to find more fun in my life, I believe I need to remove this barrier, be open about who I am, and therefore be free to see, and even create, the fun in front of me.

    My greatest wish would be to inspire others to risk and be vulnerable in their lives, but even if no one ever reads this, I hope it inspires me to keep on challenging myself and understand and remove barriers I have placed in front of myself.

    Ultimately, I hope you will see this as someone daring to be vulnerable, and in so doing being courageous not weak.

    Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting regular updates that will give you more information about what I’m doing and how I’m planning on doing it, so I hope you’ll come back next week to read more about MY Velvet Evolution, and find out what subjects I will be working on, what my COMMANDMENTS will be, what my TRUTHS OF LIFE are, and everything else that I’m doing to prepare as 1st January 2013 gets ever closer.

    Any questions, ideas or comments please do get in touch.

    Lydia x 

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