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    Have greater success in 2013 with your new year resolutions by starting of with detoxing your mind.  Once you get your head in order, the exercise, weightloss, financial and other ambitions you have for yourself in 2013 will be more successful, enjoyable and sustainable.

    Have you ever wondered why you never end up sticking to your diet or exercise plan, or why you promise you won’t nag and then find yourself getting wound up by the same things and nagging AGAIN?! 
    If you recognise yourself as someone with good intentions that never keep seem to end up as long term change then learning how to detox your mind is the place to start for you.
    You can start today and in four easy steps you’ll be well on your way to a healthy and detoxes mind leaving you free to complete your goals with sustainable results for the first time and every time.
    To find out more simply watch the four video clips below (Detox Your Mind Steps 1-4) and you’ll have your beginners guide to success and achievement like you’ve never experienced before.
    Follow the videos in sequential order to build on the knowledge, skills and progress of the one before. My recommendation is that you leave between 1&2 weeks before implementing the next step but that doesn’t mean you can’t kick off by watching them all and then return to each one as a new week begins.
    So happy watching and learning, and as always, I’m here to help so any questions just get in touch either via the website contact me page (, email,  velvet evolution Facebook page or tweet me @velvetevolution.
    There are lots of ways to get in touch, so pick your favourite social media and say hi!
    I hope you find this both useful and informative and I wish you all, happiness and confidence in your successes.
    Lydia x
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