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    SELF ESTEEM BIBLE by Gael Lindenfield

    Dec 2014 Coaching Book Recommendation

    Dec 2014 Coaching Book Recommendation

    Perfect as a stocking filler and for the new year, is the Self Esteem Bible by Gael Lindenfield.  With 365 tips it’s designed to help you build your confidence day by day.

    The format of the book is really user friendly as you can read one tip per day, read the whole book at once or simply dip into it as and when you need it.  The book provides self-esteem and confidence advice around physical health, personal development, relationships and work.

    Some of the tips may not be new news to you, and yet sometimes its great to be reminded of the good things we are already doing to help our self.

    Simple, quick, easy and useful advice.  Exactly what we all need from time to time…a morning starter / bedside table warmer.

    Click on the link to order or download your copy of Self Esteem Bible: Build Your Confidence Day by Day

    Happy reading!



    “Poor self-esteem can sabotage relationships, cause self-destructive behaviour and hold you back from achieving your true potential.  In this comprehensive guide, self-esteem specialist Gael Lindenfield shares her secrets so you can build confidence in yourself and achieve your dreams.

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