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    How to deal with negative thoughts

    How to deal with negative thoughts


    Would you like to learn how to give negative thoughts the heave-ho?

    Negative thoughts are sneaky, they can infiltrate your day, mood and mind without you even realising it.  A little sleep deprived, hungover, challenging day or relationships can all leave us feeling a little below par and so it’s easy for those negative thoughts to creep in and take root.  The challenge with negative thoughts is that they can grow, they are like the weeds of your mind, slowly building and growing in the dark corners of your mind.  The most common way to deal with negative thoughts is to ignore them, push them out your mind, get up and do something else and distract yourself from them.  This is great in theory however, just like weeds in your garden, unless you get down to the root they will just keep on popping back up again.


    If what you resist persists then we need to tackle negative thoughts with the opposite approach, we need to face them head on.

    If you are being challenged by negative thoughts, write them down.  Shine a light on them and see them for yourself written down in black and white, out of your head where they can be like shape shifters and actually see them written down as if they are hard facts.

    To start with draw up three columns on a page, (it really is better to do this by hand rather than on a computer, phone or tablet as studies have shown that your brain will benefit from the exercise better if it can read your own writing).

    In column one, write out your list of negative thoughts, (and please don’t be sparing here, get them all down, no matter how ridiculous or stubborn they seem).

    In column two, write the header change, and in column three write the header accept.

    Negative Thoughts checklist

    Now as you work your way down the list of negative thoughts you have already written out and captured, look at each negative thought and decide if you can change the thought, and if so how.  If you can’t change the thought then it must fall into the accept list.


    At the end of this exercise you should then have a clear plan of action about what you are going to change and how, thus leaving you with a positive action plan helping you move from being held to ransom by your negative thoughts.  In the third column you then have a list of the perhaps difficult aspects of life that you need to learn to accept.  Acceptance is not easy, but it will lead you towards a life of contentment.

    If you need help writing your list, or coming to terms with the things you have decided you must accept, then get in touch here and arrange your free consultation.

    Wishing you a happy, confident and positive day.

    Lydia x

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