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    Cultivate your enthusiasm.

    The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek entheos, which means literally, “the god within.”

    I doubt it’s possible to master the art of time management if you aren’t gushingly enthusiastic about what you’re going to do with your time.

    Go after what really inspires you.

    Don’t chase money.

    Chase your passion.  If you aren’t enthusiastic about your work, then you’re wasting your life. Switch to something else. Consider a new career altogether.

    Don’t beat yourself up if your current career has become stale.

    Remember that failure is your friend.

    Listen to that god within you, and switch to something that excites you once again. The worst waste of time is doing something that doesn’t make you happy. Your work should serve your life, not the other way around.

    If you’re like most people, you can get yourself motivated every once in a while, but then you get caught up and sink back down to a lower level of productivity, and you find it hard to continue with a project. How easy is it to start a new project when your motivation level is high? And how difficult is it to continue once your enthusiasm fades?

    Since most people are negative to one degree or another, you’ll naturally lose your positive charge over time unless you actively cultivate your enthusiasm as a resource. I don’t believe in pushing myself to do something I really don’t want to do. If I’m not motivated, then getting myself to sit down and work productively is nearly impossible, and the work is almost painful. When you’re highly motivated though, work feels like play.

    If your enthusiasm level is high, you can work so much more productively and even enjoy the normally tedious parts of your work. If you want to take your idea or business to a new level, first take your thoughts to a new level. When your thinking changes, then your actions will change, and your results will follow.

    Unless you’re a naturally hyper person, your enthusiasm is going to need daily reinforcement.  Plan for at least fifteen minutes every day doing or reading, listening to something that motivates you and keeps you inspired. Whenever you stop doing this, you may find that self-doubt always returns, and productivity drops off. It’s truly amazing how constantly feeding your mind with positive material can maintain your enthusiasm indefinitely. And if you multitask, you can get this benefit without investing any extra time into it.

    Lydia ~ The Confidence Coach

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