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    Creating Loving Attachments by Kim S. Golding and Daniel A. Hughes is a book that was written for parents of children with trauma (predominantly fostered and adopted children), but is in fact a book for all parents.

    In Creating Loving Attachments, Golding and Hughes teach the reader about P.A.C.E. theory.  A parenting model they have created based on Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiousity and Empathy.  The ingredient not overly discussed but essential is that this type of parenting is assumed to come from a foundation of Love.

    Golding and Hughes litter the book with examples of how communication can and does go wrong and how a change in strategy to impliment P.A.C.E can improve these exchanges.  

    The theory of P.A.C.E was created by Hughes as a parenting communication strategy primarily for the parents of fostered and adopted children who will have experienced trauma in their formative years and perhaps beyond.  However I believe that approaching all parenting with love, playfulness, acceptance, curiousity and empathy can only be good.  This is a great approach to all communciation and parenting and so I believe Creating Loving Attachments is a great read which I hope you enjoy and find beneficial in many aspects of your life, communications, relationships and parenting.

    To order your copy, click this link.

    Happy reading!

    Lydia – The Confidence Coach

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