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    So how can we approach change and how can we sustain it?

    We human beings generally do not embrace the idea of change, often preferring to remain in our ‘comfort zone’. The paradox here is that this ‘comfort zone’, which is supposed to provide safety, security, satisfaction and contentment, may well be at the root of our suffering. It is the suffering caused by the restrictions of the ‘comfort zone’ that is often the catalyst for seeking out counselling or coaching.

    So how do we break our own cycle?

    Here’s my 4 step guide to approaching change as a positive and making that experience of change sustainable.

    1. The first step is accepting that there is change required.

    2. Next, we need to live with that decision and acceptance. This is not about a steam roller making our way forward. We must find a pace that we and we alone feel comfortable with. This pace is different for everyone, and unique to each change required. We may find some change more exciting and quick and other change more overwhelming and slow.

    3. Once we are comfortable and accepting, we need to break the change down into manageable pieces, set to a time frame. With timings, we drift and procrastinate so be SMART about your desire for change. You are in charge, you are in control.

    4. Finally, we need to accept that nothing is forever. Yes change can be scary, or exciting, or both, and of course not all change gives us the results we were hoping for. What change does provide for us, in every situation, is an opportunity to learn, and every time we learn, we grow as people and become authentic in who we are.

    We are the masters of our own destinies and change is an important and empowering part of life. In order to be the person that we know we are and we know we want to be, to be our authentic self we need to learn to embrace the experience of change, no matter what results that brings.

    If this resonates with you then contact me for a FREE consultation and find out if Velvet Evolution could support you through your experience of change.

    Lydia  ~ The Confidence Coach                @velvetevolution     

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