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    Do exercise and energy equate to healthy living?

    Do exercise and energy equate to healthy living?


    Exercise and energy are two things  many people think they should be doing more, or have more.  The problem with these ‘should’ thoughts is that they can turn into guilt trips and negative thoughts that don’t leave you feeling good about yourself.

    Exercise is good for both physical and mental well-being.

    Energy is also physical and mental, and both things need to be aligned for us to feel like the best version of ourselves, and for us to feel like we are experiencing healthy living.

    However, difficulties arise when energy levels are low, meaning you feeling like you don’t want to exercise, and so don’t get the endorphins release that will boost your energy levels.  It’s one of life’s catch 22 cycles.  This can be even more exaggerated if you suffer with depression, or depressive states of mind (low mood).

    For exactly these reasons, and as someone who does suffer with bouts of depression, I wanted to be sure to include exercise and energy in this, my Velvet Evolution, year of finding fun for free.

    This month I’m going to focus on my attitude towards exercise and energy and see if I can approach both with a greater sense of fun.  This doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be any more active than

    I normally am, but hopefully it will change any negative thoughts into positive, fun thoughts that leave me feeling positive about how much, (or how little), I exercise and where my energy levels are at.

    As we strive to live healthy lives and lifestyles, do we have to secure our exercise regime and force our energy levels to be what we think they ‘should’ be, or are we happier and healthier when we listen to our bodies and brains and do what is right for is?  It is my hope that over the next month I find a fun answer to this question.

    In the meantime, I invite you to think about what health, happiness, exercise and energy mean to you, as well as what role they play in your life, and how you feel about yourself.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy and confident day!

    Lydia x

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