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    Halloween TRICK or TREAT can help you build Self Confidence YourVelvetEvolutionTrick or Treat – the quintessential heart of Halloween can help you with your self-confidence.

    Self-Confidence is about the belief – “I can do this.”

    How can you build your self-confidence through trick or treat?

    TRICK: Think about other aspects of your life where you now you can do something.  It can be anything simple or unrelated to the task at hand.  You are looking to get back into a mindset where you remember a time when you truly thought and knew, “I can do this.”  This is about tricking your mind into a positive and confident mindset.  The brain is lazy so you can easily switch your frame of mind from worry to self-confidence.

    TREAT:  If you are worried about your ability to do something you may need an incentive.  Before you start something you don’t feel confident about decide in advance how you will treat yourself after you have achieved your goal.  Sometimes a treat incentive is the most important motivation to get you started on building your self-confidence and belief that “I can do this”.

    For more ideas and help with building your self-confidence through ticks, treats and many other tools and techniques email and book your free meet and greet session today!

    Wishing you a Happy and Confident Halloween!


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