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    Build Confidence and Play to Your Strengths

    What if you could spend your time, and make your living out of doing what your really good at?!

    Build confidence by taking the time to recognise your strengths – it is a key to success and happiness!

    Throughout our lives it is often brought to our attention the areas we ‘need to develop’, whether its school reports, well-meaning parents, work appraisals or management ‘development’ courses.  Everyone wants to help you ‘develop’, the issue is it teaches us to focus on the negative, what we aren’t doing well, rather than recognise and reward ourselves for what we are doing well.  So is it any wonder that when we are then paid a compliment we dismiss it and think someone is ‘just being kind’ because already we know all the things we could, or should have done better.

    Finding out what you are good at and recognising that for yourself is an essential part of living a HAPPY and CONFIDENT life. 

    What’s really wrong with playing to your strengths?

    If you are a good at something, and critically, you enjoy it, then find ways to bring that skill to other areas of your life.

    If you like being a maverick at home with how you decorate, think about how you could bring that strength to how you approach problems at work and think outside the box. 

    What’s important here is that you don’t just keep that strength curtailed to just one area of your life.  It’s a skill, strength, and a talent so spread it around and use it wherever and whenever you can.   This forms an integral part in being the best version of you, getting to know yourself and therefore feeling happy and confident about who you are, and what you have to offer the world.

    As with all things in life, some moderation is required.  An overdone strength can be just as damaging as spending all your time working on your ‘perceived’ or ‘informed’ weaknesses.  For example; a people pleaser who overdoes it can end up feeling put upon, second rate and like no one puts them first.  Of course no one puts them first, and most importantly they don’t put them them-self first, so lead by example.  Find out what your good at and expand that talent into other areas of your life.  This will give you the versatility to keep things fresh, keep learning and generating positive experiences for your bank of evidence, be an expert, build confidence and be happy without becoming the proverbial ‘one trick pony’.


    Recognise what you are good at and stick to it!

    “A person is like a teabag, you never know how strong they are until they get into hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt

    Lydia x

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