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    Blame My Brain  – The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed by Nicola Morgan is a must read for all parents of pre-teen / teeneagers, and the pre-teen / teenager themselves.

    In short, based on scientific research this book explains how a teenager’s brain changes, (it goes from being a thick canopy network of lots of tiny bits of information, to being stripped right back to just a few tree trunks that get thicker and stornger over time), how this affects their hormone levels, and mood (for better and worse), and their ability to read emotions on faces (this all but disappears), to why sleep patterns and risk taking changes, and so much more.

    Whilst the evidence in the book is research based, the presentation of the content isn’t anywhere near that dry.  The content and messages within are easy to access.

    The book is written for the teenager, so it from a ‘do you ever feel like this’, or ‘when this happens to you, this is what is going on inside you’, perspective.

    I always recommned that parents read the book first, (in advacne of pre-teen years), and then hand it over to their children when the time is right.  The reason for this is that the tennage brain is different, and to be able to spot it’s onset and for things not to esalate but instead be able to see your child’s brain as separate to them, you will naturally find more empathy and compassion, even when your teenager is bang out of order.

    This book is really a parents guide to surviving the teenage years through understanding and education.  If you can get a pre-teen reading a copy too, then you’ll have a common language to use through the tricky years.

    Click here to order your copy today.

    If you would like more help with your pre-teen or teenager, please click here to get in touch.

    Happy reading!

    Lydia – The Confidence Coach



    Scientific research shows what paretns have long suspected – the teenage brain IS special!

    Find out how in this ground-breaking, reassuring and hugely enjoyable book.

    Cutting edge science (that won’t make your head spin)

    Revealing tests and quizzes

    New information on mirror neurons, untidy bedrooms and more!

    From risk taking to sleeping late, gender differences to depression, uncontrollable emotions to the effects of drugs and alcohol, Blame My Brain tells you everything you need to know about the biology and psychology behind the behaviour.

    Essential reading for teenagers – and parents.



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