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    STAYING OK by Amy and Thomas Harris


    AUGUST 2014 Book Recommnedation

    AUGUST 2014 Book Recommnedation

    STAYING OK by Amy and Thomas Harris is the sequel to I’m OK – You’re OK by Thomas Harris (see my JULY BOOK RECOMMENDATION).

    Like I’m OK – You’re OK, Staying OK is based in Transactional Analysis (loosely descried as the concept of functioning from either your Parent, Adult or Child state), and delivers exactly as it is named.  It is full of useful concepts and examples of how you can stay OK, once you have got yourself to place of realising that you are not emotionally responsible for other people.  This book is all about emotional and mental maintenance.

    This book helps you maintain your boundaries, understand what you stand for and why that is okay, and how to maintain health and happiness once achieved in an inclusive and social way.

    First published in 1985, it was once the long awaited sequel to ‘I’m OK – you’re OK’, and both books remain as relevant and insightful today in 2014, as they were back in 1960’s to 80’s.

    A must read if you feel overwhelmed by other people judgements and opinions, or your own concerns and worries about your’s and other peoples lives.

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    Happy reading!

    Lydia x


    “Writing with the same sensitivity, insight, humour and compassion that marked the record-breaking practical guide to Transactional Analysis, I’m OK – You’re OK, Amy and Tom Harris reveal how you can stay that way and get the most out of everyday.

    Staying OK shows you how you can make crucial changes and take charge of your life.  It explains how you can resolve conflicts and root out the causes of worry, panic, confusion, and feelings of inadequacy, depression and regret.  The book’s message is positive and clear: by maximising good feelings and minimising the bad ones, you can live life to the fullest.”

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