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    Life is made up of moments so be sure to be present, in your moments when they happen.     

    Life is short, it’s a cliché and it’s true, so today we have choices.

    –          How do we want to live our life?

    –          Who do we want to be?

    –          How do we want to look back and remember, as well as be remembered?

    It may sound morbid, but there is proven power in accepting life’s one and only guarantee.  We are all mortal.  ‘Amor Fati’ or Love your Fate, is a key corner stone of the existential psychological approach.   I’m not suggesting that we all have the finances to live everyday like it was our last, that’s not reality.  However that doesn’t mean that we can’t put in place actions today that will keep us actively working towards our chosen future.  What this also enables us to do is live in, accept and enjoy our present.

    If today, you look back on your life so far; are you proud of every choice you have made, are you proud of who you are and how you’ve conducted your life?

    Today is a new day and you can start today.  Embrace who you are and learn from your lessons.  Regrets mean you haven’t been open to learning the lesson and making the change required that mean you won’t do the same thing again.

    We really do only have one life and we cannot control or determine ever part of it.  What we can actively manage is how life feels, and then do our upmost to get out of it everything we can.  If we don’t put the effort into making it happen it won’t.  So get active, make a change no matter how small and find ways to have fun and enjoy your moments!

    Amor Fati!

    Lydia ~ The Confidence Coach

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