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    About Me

    Hi, I’m Lydia and I am a self-professed psychology nerd and brain-enthusiast.

    As a qualified psychologist I love meeting new people and even more, I love meeting their brains and getting to know how they tick.  What’s working well up there, and what might need a slight retune.

    I set up Velvet Evolution in 2012 and have already helped hundreds of clients feel more confident, build their resilience and improve their communication.  I’m passionate about helping people unpick what’s gone before, enjoy what’s happening now and get working on what’s going to be happening next.  As well as deal with all the inevitable ups and downs that will come along the way.

    I deal in thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and behaviour, and I’m looking forward to meeting you and finding out how you would like to work together.

    I call myself The Confidence Coach because I find that confidence is a word that unites most of my clients.  Behind the ‘job title’ I’m a psychologist trained in Counselling Skills, NLP, Performance Coaching and Mindfulness.

    How I Work

    We are all unique and individual and we have all had our own life experiences that have brought us to the point we find ourselves at today.  Therefore I don’t have an off the shelf product, I will tailor my work with you to who you are, and I won’t try to make your life fit my theory.

    My style is called ‘person centred’.

    I want to find out about what your life has been like so far, how it is today and how you want it to be different in the future.  Be it personal, professional relationship or family based.

    We work as a team and I will teach you sustainable and transferable skills, tools and techniques that you can use today and take with you throughout life.

    My aim is for you to get to a point where you decide you are great and no longer need my support.

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    What do I do?

    • One to One: I work with private individuals and their loved ones on a one to one basis either face to face or via Skype.
    • Training: I create and deliver bespoke training workshops and programs around confidence, resilience, mindfulness and communication for organisations and schools.
    • Business: I go into organisations and deliver bespoke training programs as well as work with individuals.
    • Schools: I work with staff, children and parents and deliver workshops and well-being programs.
    • Speaking: I give inspirational and educational talks at live events.

    I look forward to hearing from you and finding out how you would like to work together.

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