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    Values; as defined in the Dictionary:

    – Noun: relative worth, merit, or importance.
    – Ethics: any object or quality desirable as a means or as an end in itself.

    Values can help us define ourselves and set boundaries and expectations for ourselves. When we know our own values we know more about ourselves. We know what we stand for, we know what we expect of ourselves and we know what we are looking for in others. We can all have shared interests and hobbies but only when we have shared values do we really connect with others. A connection that is deep and long lasting. A connection that makes us feel understood and complete.

    Live bold and bloom founder Barrie Davenport suggests that “If you haven’t defined the best version of yourself, begin with values. What are the most important values in your life and work? What values will define the person you are now and want to be in the future. Get very clear on those.”

    For me on my personal journey I found realising my values a real moment of change, transition and consolidation. In fact recognising my values proved so revolutionary for me that I now have them tattooed on my ankle. A permanent reminder for my of the journey I have been on and the way I now choose to live my life every day.

    Realising my values has meant not only do I live them with the other people in my life but most importantly of all I started by applying them to myself in terms of how I think and feel about me.

    So what are my values?

    Love: For me this is my ‘religion’ if you will. Love does not conquer all, but if you can love yourself you learn acceptance and this in turn releases you from the fear of loving others and you’ll find that loving others for who they really are is the most rewarding thing in life: acceptance brings us as close to unconditional love as we can be.

    Trust: In any relationship, trust is an integral part. Love, and even lust, may come first, but for true longevity, trust is essential. However to achieve this you should first answer the question; do you trust yourself? If not, you need to work out why not, and try to build up your bank of evidence that supports the fact that you are changing and can therefore trust yourself now and in the future.

    Honesty: This starts with being honest with your-self and has very strong ties with Love and Trust. If we feel blocked, or misunderstood, it can be because we are not really being honest with ourselves. Are you really taking responsibility for the role you are playing in your life? You are responsible for the outcome of your life. Are you happy with who you are and how you conduct yourself? Do you judge others for fear that they may judge you? If you can begin to be honest with yourself about who you are, and why, then you can really begin the process of change in a successful and sustainable way.

    Freedom: By living a life with its foundation in Love and Honesty, builds Trust and that in turn provides me, and others in my life, with the freedom we desire to be the individuals we truly are. No judgments, but instead understanding, acceptance and respect. Only wanting what is best for each and every one of us. Yes that means that sometimes we have to make tough decisions, but ultimately its about living a life in which we feel free and so do those around us.

    Having my own personal values as the framework from which I conduct myself, think about myself and coach and counsel myself, I find every day is fulfilling and complete because I am living my life as me, authentic, unique, flawed and accepted.

    So what are your values; what do you stand for?

    For help in working out what your values are, or how to make them an active part of yourself everyday get in touch at

    Lydia x

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