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    Does your child have lots of feelings, and sometimes get cross quickly?

    Does your child get upset and their feelings hurt easily?

    Do you and your child find it difficult to talk about and connect over emotions and feelings?

    If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these then I have an great book recommnedation for you!

    My Hidden Chimp is a book for parents of primary aged children to work through with their young child.

    The aim of the book is for the child to learn about all the different feelings that they have, and what they can do about how these feelings and emotions influence them.  It is particularly beneficial if your child is very emotional, or very unemotional.  As we all have emotions whether we choose to show them or not, what is essential, is that we learn to build emotional resilience.

    The book is also great at creating a common language for you and your child to use both about your feelings and emotions and as well as theirs.

    The book is laid out with exercises and drawings, linking words and texts so is very interactive and will be familair to your child as it looks like a school workbook may do.

    Just completing a page or two a day can really hope the bond and connect between you and your child, and help everyone feel more knoweldgable and in contorl of their actions and behaviours.

    For the parents, if you haven’t yet read it, the same auhtor, Prof. Steve Peters, first came to public awareness for his bestselling book, the Chimp Paradox.  A great repackaging of Transactional Analysis theory into modern day life and times.

    If you like this recommendation or want to find out more, please contact me here.

    Happy Reading

    Lydia – The Confidence Coach

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