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    Coaching and self help book recommendations 2016

    Coaching and self help book recommendations 2016

    Here’s a sneak preview of some of the books I’ll be reading and reviewing in 2016!

    My 2016 Coaching Books Hotlist!

    These books cover a multitude of areas all with the common theme of helping the reader understand themselves, others and life in a more multifaceted way.  The end result is helping you, the reader feel happier about who you are and where your life is heading, and confident enough to make changes where they need to be, and to know the difference between moving forwards and running away.

    I look forward to sharing my reviews with you as the year progresses, and if you want to find out about books I’ve already reviewed over the last three years then simply click on this link and you’ll be faced with a wealth of knowledge and recommendation through the plethora of books I’ve previously read and recommneded, along with an explanation as to why.

    So find a cosy chair, get comfy and be prepared to expand your mind, self awareness and hope for what possible things can be achieved in the future that is 2016!

    Wishing you a happy, confident and learned 2016!

    Lydia – #TheConfidenceCoach

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